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Didi Androni
(მიმოხილვები: 1)
Tremendous vaporizer.
Practical. Supports power delivery so I can charge it the same cable as I use for charging Macbook.
Solved 2-months-delivery-from-china problem in 1 day with buying vaporizer here.
Vibration notifications when device is heated. And when it turns off.
Also I really like that text when the device turns off: "Take care".
Nuff said.
Display is not clearly visible at direct sunlight.
Vibration is not as in your Iphone but rather old Nokia.
Fast charging via usb-c power delivery is not so fast. Charge 100% in 1 hour I think.
No magnet inside so I can not clip vaporizer to metal surface (as in Dynavap for example).
I used a similar vaporizer YoCan Vane with my father who had Alzheimer's.
I found that weed helps more than neuroleptics and acetylcholinesterase
inhibitors. In short we smoked some reefer with my dad in forest and the vaporized was very convenient. Coz it stores some small stuff. It looks like typical Icos. Also the vaporized could be heated up even in lower than 0 degrees celsius which means you have freedom to burn up stuff even at winter.
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Thank you so much for your review! It's truly rewarding to receive genuine feedback from our customers, especially when it's as detailed as yours. Yocan is gradually making its mark on the western markets and is becoming increasingly popular. Among affordable vaporizers, it stands out as one of the best models available today. We've already placed orders for new batches for our future clients. We look forward to welcoming you back.