What is a precooler?

May 16, 2023

Exploring the world of smoking apparatus unveils crucial components like the 'precooler' or ash catcher. As an additional attachment to your bong, it catches ash and residue, facilitating cleaner, cooler, and smoother smoke. But selecting the right precooler is essential as it affects the longevity of your bong and enhances your smoking experience.

We will explore different types of precoolers, their functionalities, their role in enhancing smoking experiences, and guidelines for selection. So, get ready to elevate your bong experience!


What is a Precooler?

Precoolers, also known as ash catchers, emerged from the necessity of maintaining cleaner and smoother smoking experiences. As the popularity of bongs grew, users began to face issues such as clogged pieces and dirty water, which hampered the overall experience. Precoolers were innovatively designed to address these issues. By acting as a first line of defense against ash and other residues, precoolers not only ensured a cleaner bong but also contributed to a more enjoyable, less harsh smoking session.

How Does a Precooler Work?

A precooler operates on the principle of filtration and cooling. It's an additional piece of glassware that's attached to the bong. When you take a hit, the smoke first travels through the precooler before entering the main body of the bong. The precooler's water chamber cools down the smoke and traps the heavier particles such as ash and tar, which would otherwise end up in the bong. By the time the smoke reaches the main chamber of the bong, it's much cooler, cleaner, and smoother.

Benefits of Using a Bong with a Precooler:

A precooler purifies and cools smoke for a smoother experience, reduces bong maintenance by trapping ash and impurities, extends the bong's lifespan, and overall enhances the smoking pleasure.


The Main Types of Precoolers.

Precoolers often consist of one camera, but instances with 2 cameras can also occur. Everything as usual depends on the imagination of the manufacturer.
As with any smoking accessory, precoolers come in a variety of styles and designs, each with its unique features and benefits.

Precooler with Percolator.

Precoolers can be either with or without a percolator. A percolator is a device that is one of the stages of purification, causes smoke to break into many streams and pass through water. The greater the degree of breakdown, the greater the "bubbling", the better the cleaning takes place.

Choice of Precooler According to Bong Connector.

And finally, the choice of a precooler largely depends on the size of the connector of your bong. The connectors can be of different sizes (14.5mm or 18.8 mm), and the precooler must match them to ensure a reliable connection. In case you still confuse the connector when buying - there are adapters.

How to Choose a Precooler?

Choosing the right precooler for your bong depends on price, shape and size, features, and personal preference. Balancing cost and quality ensures you make a wise investment. Ensure the precooler fits your bong size and shape, considering that complex designs may be harder to clean. Evaluate features like single or multi-chamber precoolers, with or without percolators, based on your desire for coolness or simplicity. Finally, personal preferences regarding design, brand, and smoke type should guide your decision to enhance your smoking experience.


Precooler Care Tips.

Cleaning Your Precooler.

  • Regular cleaning: Don't wait for residue to build up before deciding to clean your precooler. Cleaning it regularly after every few uses can prevent the accumulation of grime and maintain its effectiveness.
  • Use the right cleaning agents: While many recommend using a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt to clean glass pieces, there are also specialized cleaning solutions available. These solutions are designed to effectively clean glass pre-coolers without causing any harm.
  • Gently shake: After applying your chosen cleaning solution, seal the openings and gently shake the pre-cooler to remove any residue. Remember, it's made of glass, so handle it carefully to prevent accidents.
  • Rinse thoroughly: After you're done shaking, rinse the precooler thoroughly with warm water to wash off any remaining cleaning solution or grime.
  • Let it dry: Before reattaching it to your bong, let your pre-cooler dry completely.

Maintaining Your Precooler.

  • Handle with care: Precoolers, especially those made from glass, can be fragile. Always handle them with care to prevent accidental damage.
  • Store safely: When not in use, store your precooler in a safe place where it won't be accidentally knocked over or damaged.
  • Regularly check for damage: Regularly inspect your precooler for any damages such as cracks or chips. If you notice any, it might be time to replace your pre-cooler to prevent performance issues.


Frequently Asked Questions about Precoolers.

What is a precooler for?

- A precooler serves two main purposes: to cool down the smoke before it enters the main chamber of the bong, and to trap and filter out larger particles like ash, which helps keep the bong cleaner and provides a smoother smoking experience.

Will smoking become more comfortable with a precooler?

- Yes, using a precooler can enhance your smoking experience by providing smoother, cooler smoke. It can also help to reduce coughing or harshness often associated with warmer smoke.

Can I fill various liquids, oils, etc. into my precooler?

- Typically, precoolers are filled with water because it's effective at cooling smoke. However, some people use other liquids like iced tea or juice to add flavor. Keep in mind, though, that sugary or sticky liquids can make your precooler harder to clean. Oils are not recommended, as they can create residue build-up.

The bong input connector does not match with the precooler connector, what should I do?

- If the connectors don't match, you can use an adapter to make your bong and precooler compatible. There are many types of adapters available that can convert different sizes and genders of connectors.

Is the smoke cooled by the precooler?

- Yes, one of the main functions of a precooler is to cool down the smoke before it enters the main chamber of the bong. This is done by filtering the smoke through water, which absorbs the heat from the smoke.


Top 2 Brands of Precoolers:

MNML: Renowned for its modern and minimalist design, MNML is a brand that focuses on the intersection of function and style. Their precoolers are hailed for their efficiency and sleek aesthetic, making them a popular choice among discerning smokers.

Grace Glass: A well-established name in the smoking industry, Grace Glass is lauded for its quality glassware. Their precoolers are known for their robust build, superior filtration, and extensive range of designs. This brand is a go-to for those prioritizing performance and durability.

Selecting the ideal precooler depends on its purpose, your preferences, and its role in your smoking experience. Prioritize safety by handling it carefully, cleaning it regularly, and storing it properly. This article aims to provide insights on understanding and choosing the right precooler. Feel free to comment with any questions or experiences and share the article with those who might find it helpful. Visit our store for a variety of precoolers designed to enhance your experience.