Return / Exchange Policy

1Pack the product in the original packaging if it is still available. If not, find a box of suitable size. Use materials such as paper towels, bubble wrap, and tape as packing material. If you are shipping a bong, remove all detachable materials and wrap them separately. Secure the box firmly with tape.
2Fill out the return application attached to the order, indicating the following information:
a) Trader's details: name, physical address, email address;
b) Order date; c) Date of receipt of the order;
d) Consumer's name;
e) Consumer's address;
f) Consumer's signature (if the form is filled out on paper);
g) Date of form completion.
3Include a copy of the receipt inside the box before shipping. If you ordered the product from our online store, include a copy of the electronic receipt or order confirmation (order number), which was sent to your email.
4Send the parcel by mail to: 0179 Tbilisi, 34 Chavchavadze Avenue, ground floor, (When you send a product back by mail, the post office usually gives you a receipt. This document confirms that you have sent the parcel. It also typically contains information about the cost of shipping, the date of shipment, and a tracking number for the parcel.
5After sending the parcel, please inform us by sending an email to:

Grounds for return and exchange of goods

According to the general rules of exchange and return of goods in Georgia, the buyer has the right to return the product, preserving its consumer properties, marketable appearance, and factory labels, without stating the reasons within 14 calendar days from the date of actual receipt of the product directly from the seller or persons representing the seller. (see Articles 13, 15 of the Georgian Law "On Consumer Rights Protection". To return a product, you need to provide a document confirming the fact and conditions of its purchase, as well as fill out an application to return the product.
Returning a product in case of defects related to non-compliance with the order conditions caused by the seller's fault: If the product has been delivered to you with partial non-compliance or violation of the order conditions on the seller's part concerning the range, completeness, quantity of the product, you have the right to inform the seller (no later than seven calendar days after receiving) about these violations and demand their elimination. You also have the right to refuse the product and demand a refund of the paid money. In this case, the product must be returned to the seller while maintaining its original marketable appearance, its consumer properties, seals, factory labels. To return a product, you need to provide a document confirming the fact and conditions of its purchase. To proceed with the return, you need to fill out a product return application.