How to choose a roll-up paper?

May 16, 2023
The choice of rolling paper can greatly affect your hand-rolled smoking experience, influencing factors such as burn rate, flavor, and aesthetics. Selecting the right rolling paper is highly personal, depending on individual preferences. In this article, we'll delve into various types of rolling papers - from rice to hemp to cellulose - and provide guidance on selecting the best fit for your needs. By the end of this piece, you'll gain a broader understanding of the role of rolling papers in crafting your perfect roll-your-own smoke.


What is a Roll-Up Paper?


Rolling paper is a specialized paper product, typically lighter and thinner than regular paper, used for hand-rolling various smoking materials.

How Did They Come Up with Paper for Self-Rolled Cigarettes?

The practice of using rolling papers dates back centuries, with early examples found among the native populations of Mexico in the 16th century, who would wrap herbs in corn husks or plant leaves for smoking.

What is a Roll-Up Paper Nowadays?

Today, rolling paper has evolved to cater to diverse tastes and needs. It is available in various sizes, thicknesses, and materials such as rice, hemp, or cellulose, offering a unique smoking experience. Innovations have led to flavored options, pre-rolled cones, and even transparent or colored variants, indicating the role of rolling papers as not just a utility, but also a personal statement in the world of hand-rolled smokes.


International Size Standards.

  • Single-Wide: 6.8-7 cm in length and 3.4-3.6 in width;
  • 1/2: 7.6-7.8 cm long and 6-6.2 cm wide;
  • Double-Wide: 6.8-7 cm long and 7.6-9 cm wide;
  • King size: 10-10.5 cm long and 5.5-6 cm wide.

The Adhesive Part of the Paper.

Surely, you have noticed more than once on some types of paper – the adhesive part. With its help, it is much easier to spin a cigarette. It is safe to lick such paper since its adhesive part is made of sugar.



Firstly, some manufacturers make chic prints on their roll-up papers. For example, Power Papers makes its product in the form of 100 dollar bills using organic soy ink, offering an eco-friendly alternative for your smoking pleasure.

Secondly, if you are still a follower of minimalism, then the color of the paper for self-rolled cigarettes may vary depending on the chosen material, but in this case you should not refer to the color of the papers, because first of all the quality of your smoking should be important to you.

  • Rice paper: Usually this paper is white or very light in color. Rice paper is often transparent, which allows you to see the contents of a roll-up.
  • Hemp paper: Hemp paper usually has a natural light beige or light brown color, due to the use of hemp fibers.
  • Wood Pulp Paper: Wood Pulp roll-up paper is most often white, although some brands may offer color or even transparent options.



If you are a beginner, it is better to buy thicker paper. It will be less likely that it will break. Experienced smokers choose thinner paper, sometimes almost transparent. Fans of tobacco mixtures also use thick paper. In it, tobacco warms up and burns better. For other mixtures, choose thin paper. It affects the taste less.


Materials for Manufacturing.

Rice Paper.

Rice paper for hand-rolled smokes offers several advantages, including a slower burn rate which extends the duration of your smoking session. Being usually flavorless or possessing a very mild taste, it allows the inherent flavors of your chosen smoking materials to stand out. Plus, rice papers are often thin, sometimes even transparent, leading to a smoother, less harsh smoke.

Hemp Paper.

Hemp paper is eco-friendly as hemp grows faster and requires less water and pesticides than wood. It has a slow burn, providing a longer smoking experience. Hemp paper also has a mild natural taste that doesn't overpower the flavor of the tobacco or smoking blend.

Wood Pulp Paper.

Wood pulp paper, usually transparent, offers a visually engaging twist to your roll-your-own experience, allowing you to see the contents of your roll. Typically flavorless, it leaves room for the natural flavors of your smoking materials to come forward. Like hemp and rice papers, Wood pulp papers also burn slowly and evenly, providing a steady smoke.


Top 3 Brands.

Elements: Elements Rolling Papers are crafted from plants nurtured in the authentic soil of Earth. They combust leaving minimal ash residue and employ a plant-based adhesive. If you lift a sheet of Elements Rolling Papers towards the light, you'll observe a stunning watermark imprinted on every sheet. Elements Rolling Papers are tailored for the flame, and as a result, they provide an impeccable burn.

RAW: Committed to sustainable development, RAW produces paper rolls made from natural, unbleached plant fibers, which provides an authentic and clean smoking experience. RAW, being a socially responsible company, actively supports various environmental and humanitarian initiatives, which further strengthens its position among conscious smokers.

KZR: The innovation of paper from KZR is slow and uniform smoldering. The effect is achieved by adding honey and water to the composition of the paper. Different types of paper, as well as bright designs. The paper has been tested by TUV SUD chemical and microbiological tests. The composition of this paper includes organic acacia wood resin.


Simple Guide on How to Roll a Hand-Rolled Smoke.

Materials Needed: Rolling papers, your preferred smoking blend, a filter (optional), and a rolling machine (optional).

Start by preparing your smoking blend. Make sure it's finely ground but not too powdery.

  • If you're using a filter, make one by rolling a small piece of card or buying pre-made ones. Place this at one end of the paper.
  • Place your prepared blend evenly along the length of the paper, leaving a small space at the end for sealing.
  • Now, roll the paper back and forth between your fingers to distribute the blend evenly and shape the roll.
  • Once you have your desired shape, tuck the unglued side of the paper into the roll, then use the glued edge to seal the roll.
  • Finally, use a pen or similar object to pack the open end of the roll if it's too loose. Your hand-rolled smoke is now ready!


Where to Store your Hand-Rolled Cigarettes?

In the intersection of practicality and fashion, the Joint Holder Gorilla Rolling Star shines. It guarantees the safety of your joints while introducing a splash of color and style to your routine. The hipster gorilla prints and vibrant colors ensure there's a holder for every personality. Now, carry your joints with confidence, knowing they're well-protected and conveniently accessible.


Popular Questions about Roll-Up Paper.

What materials are used to make rolling papers?

- Rolling papers are usually made from various materials including rice, hemp, and wood pulp, each offering unique characteristics and smoking experiences.

Are there different sizes of rolling papers?

- Yes, rolling papers come in a range of sizes, including single wide, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and double wide, among others, to suit different amounts of smoking material.

How to roll a hand-rolled smoke properly?

- Start by grinding your smoking material. Place it evenly on your rolling paper, roll it back and forth to shape, then tuck and seal the paper. Adjust the tightness if necessary.

Do all rolling papers have gum?

- Most rolling papers have a strip of gum on one edge to help seal the roll, but not all. Some brands offer gum-free options.

What is the purpose of a filter in a hand-rolled smoke?

- A filter, or roach, serves multiple purposes: it provides a better grip while rolling and smoking, keeps the end open, and prevents bits of smoking material from getting into your mouth.


Selecting the best rolling paper is largely a matter of personal preference, and may depend on factors like burn rate, flavor, and environmental considerations. It's important to consider the size, thickness, and material of the paper, and beginners might find a rolling machine helpful. Ultimately, the perfect hand-rolled smoke is one that best fits your lifestyle and preferences. Feel free to share your experiences and tips in the comments. Your ideal smoke could be just a roll away!