110 mm Roller by Elements

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Experience perfection with the 110 mm Roller by Elements! Specifically designed for King Size papers, this roller delivers consistently high-quality roll-ups, even with dry tobacco.

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Specifications of 110 mm Roller by Elements

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Description of 110 mm Roller by Elements

Meet the indispensable assistant for rolling enthusiasts - the 110 mm Roller by Elements!

Elements Papers is a globally recognized manufacturer of premium rolling papers. The brand has won recognition and love from quality aficionados all over the world, thanks to its environmentally sustainable production strategy and the impeccable quality of its smoking accessories.

The 110 mm Roller by Elements is the ideal accessory for both beginners and advanced users. It can save you time and make your roll-ups more qualitative. This device is suitable for King Size paper.

Newbies often wonder how to roll their first cigarette? The process of creating a roll-up is simple and understandable. You have a case, two rollers with a ribbon. You just put tobacco between the rollers, close them, twist a few times so that the tobacco takes the form of a roll-up, then insert the paper and spin again - and you're done!

Main advantages of the 110 mm Roller by Elements:

  • Consistent quality and evenness of each roll-up.
  • With this machine, you can easily roll even dry tobacco, which can be quite challenging to do by hand, as dry tobacco is hard to tamp down.

Try the 110 mm Roller by Elements and feel the difference in the quality of your roll-ups today!

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