Embrace Pure Flavor with the 2Cone Vaporizer & DynaVap Tip

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Enhance your vaping experience with the 2Cone Vaporizer's efficient design and the renowned DynaVap tip. Pure flavor, no batteries, ultimate convenience

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Specifications of 2Cone Vaporizer with DynaVap Tip

Chamber material
Stainless Steel
Heating Type
Heating Temperature
180-250 °C
Heating Time
Up to 15 Seconds
Chamber Capacity
Small (up to 0.2 g)
Casing Material
Stainless Steel
Suitable for Oils
30 g

Description of 2Cone Vaporizer with DynaVap Tip

Embrace the pure essence of herbal delight with the 2Cone Vaporizer, featuring the acclaimed DynaVap tip. Crafted from the finest aluminium and stainless steel, this mechanical marvel stands out for its sustainable design—requiring no batteries, thereby making a friend of the environment.

This piece isn't just about sustainability; it's the epitome of convenience and efficiency. Measuring 118mm in length with an 8mm diameter, the 2Cone fits comfortably in your hand, inviting you to experience its convection/conduction system that guarantees a rich, flavorful vape with every use. Its mechanical nature means you're in control, using a lighter to unlock the flavors of your unground herbs precisely and easily.

Here's how it works: Fill the stainless steel capsule, apply heat to the middle section using a gas or jet burner while rotating the vaporizer for a few seconds until you see vapor forming. Continue heating for another 2-3 seconds, then enjoy a smooth inhale of pure vapor. After your session, let the device cool down before embarking on another round of bliss.

Cleaning is a breeze—disassemble and soak in hot water, adding lemon juice or vinegar for those tougher stains. Rinse well, and you're ready for the next session.

What sets the 2Cone apart is its compatibility with the original DynaVap tip, ensuring an unmatched vaping experience with an inner diameter precision of 8mm. This vaporizer isn't just a tool; it's a companion for those who appreciate the subtleties of herbal enjoyment and environmental stewardship. Ready for a session that's as earth-friendly as it is satisfying? The 2Cone Vaporizer awaits.

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