8 Ball Metallic Grinder Card

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Transform your grinding experience with the 8 Ball Metallic Grinder Card. Slim as a credit card but mighty in function. With a striking black finish and iconic 8-ball design, enjoy a reliable grind wherever you go. Stylish, efficient, and pocket-friendly.

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Specifications of 8 Ball Card Grinder

Mesh Screen
Magnetic Lid

Description of 8 Ball Card Grinder

When it comes to convenience and portability, the 8 Ball Metallic Grinder Card is a game-changer. Crafted from robust steel, this grinding tool has been designed with the modern user in mind. Think about the times you've needed to prepare your herbs on-the-go, and imagine a solution that slips effortlessly into your wallet or pocket, just like a credit card.

Our 8 Ball Grinder Card boasts a sleek black finish, ensuring it doesn't just function efficiently, but also looks the part. At its center, a stylized print of the iconic billiards "8 ball" adds a touch of personality, making it not just a tool, but also a statement piece.

But what truly sets this grinder card apart are the meticulously perforated holes that deliver a consistent grind every time. Each hole has been precisely crafted to ensure that your herbs are ground to the perfect consistency, whether you prefer a finer blend or a more textured mix.

Incorporating style, functionality, and portability, the 8 Ball Metallic Grinder Card is more than just an accessory – it's an essential tool for those who appreciate the fine details in life. So, whether you're at home or on the move, ensure you're always prepared with a grinding solution that blends reliability with understated elegance.

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