Aluminium Black Leaf Grinder with Mesh 4-part

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Master the grind with Black Leaf's Aluminium Grinder, offering a perfect mesh and non-slip grip for effortless, precise shredding.

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Specifications of Black Leaf Aluminium Grinder

Black Leaf
  • Metal
62 mm
  • 4
Mesh Screen
Magnetic Lid
162 g

Description of Black Leaf Aluminium Grinder

Step up your preparation ritual with the precision-engineered Aluminium Black Leaf Grinder with Mesh. This 4-part grinder, sized at a convenient 62mm with a height of 44mm, is a masterpiece of grinding technology. Each component, from the diamond-cut teeth designed for seamless shredding to the magnetized lid ensuring a secure closure, reflects the meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with the Black Leaf brand.

Crafted from robust aluminium and finished in a sleek bicolor grey, this grinder is as stylish as it is functional. The top cover boasts specially carved grooves for improved grip, preventing slippage and enhancing your grinding experience. Inside, the nylon friction ring facilitates smooth rotation, preventing metal-on-metal contact and preserving the integrity of the grinder's teeth over time.

Each turn of the grinder transforms your blend into a consistently fine texture, thanks to the precision-cut teeth and the built-in mesh screen that sifts fine particles into the lower compartment. A scraper is included to ensure you can collect every bit with ease. And to complete the package, your grinder comes encased in a black velvet bag, perfect for storage or travel.
The Black Leaf Grinder isn't just a tool; it's an addition to your connoisseur's collection, reflecting both high-tech design and the renowned German quality that never goes unnoticed.

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