Amsterdam Color Shift Glass Bowl – Transform Your Sessions

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Experience a visual delight with each use. The Amsterdam Color Changing Glass Bowl evolves with you, making each session a personal showcase of colors

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Specifications of Amsterdam Color Changing Glass Bowl

80 mm
  • Borosilicate Glass
Bowl Joint Size
Bowl Joint Type
  • Male
Built-in Mesh Screen

Description of Amsterdam Color Changing Glass Bowl

Craft your sessions with a touch of Dutch artistry using the Amsterdam Color Changing Glass Bowl. This 18.8mm piece is more than just a bowl; it's a transformative canvas that evolves with your use. Fashioned from premium glass, this bowl is designed to endure the test of time and heat.

The bowl's secret lies within its fumed glass craftsmanship. Tiny metallic particles are embedded within the glass, offering a chameleon-like effect that changes under different light. With each session, the bowl develops a personalized patina, showcasing an array of colors that uniquely reflects your experience. It's not just a tool; it's a narrative of your journey.

Easily fitting into any 18.8mm socket, the Amsterdam Glass Bowl is a universal companion for your cherished bong. At 80mm, it holds just the right amount for an enjoyable session without overdoing it.

Why settle for ordinary when you can enjoy the visual symphony of colors that this bowl brings to your collection? Each piece is as individual as you are, ensuring no two experiences are the same. Embrace the subtle changes that come with each use, making your piece distinctively yours.

Note: The beauty of the bowl is enhanced with use, inviting a spectrum of hues over time and making each piece a personal statement. Don't miss out on this marriage of function and art – the Amsterdam Color Changing Glass Bowl is a standout piece that promises to add a new dimension to your routine.

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