Zipper Bags with Labels – Compact Clarity for Your Essentials

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Seal in freshness and order with our clear, sturdy zipper bags. Features writable labels for easy organization – 100 count, perfect size.

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Specifications of Zipper Bags 60mm x 60mm 100 pcs

100 pcs
60 х 60 mm
  • Plastic

Description of Zipper Bags 60mm x 60mm 100 pcs

Product Features:

  • Material: Durable Plastic
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm
  • Thickness: 60 microns
  • Pack Quantity: 100 bags

Product Description:

Keep your items organized and easily identifiable with our pack of 100 Zipper Bags, complete with three writable labels. Whether for personal or professional use, these versatile bags provide a practical solution for storage needs. Crafted from sturdy plastic with a 60-micron thickness, they strike the perfect balance between flexibility and durability.

These bags are not just another storage solution; they're a nod to neatness in your everyday life. The clear plastic material ensures you can glance at the contents without a second guess, while the reliable ziplock seals away dust, moisture, and keeps your items clean and dry. Perfect for a range of uses, from food to small components, these bags protect and preserve.

The writable labels are a standout feature, allowing you to scribble, label, and re-label contents as often as needed. This feature is especially handy for those with a passion for order or a need for quick identification of bag contents.

And let's talk about the size – at 60mm by 60mm, these bags are compact yet spacious enough to hold a variety of items. 

So, why wait? Simplify your storage, and bring a little clarity to your space with our Zipper Bags. The perfect blend of practicality and simplicity, right at your fingertips

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