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BioFlame Hemp Wax Wick

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Choose BioFlame's Hemp Wax Wick for a pure burn. Crafted from hemp and beeswax, it's the eco-friendly light-up choice for discerning smokers.

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Description of BioFlame Hemp Wick

Enhance your smoking experience with the BioFlame Hemp Wax Wick, the natural choice for connoisseurs. This 420cm hemp wick, coated in beeswax, offers a healthier ignition option, free from the harmful byproducts of butane lighters and toxic fumes from plastic.

Crafted from hemp fibers and beeswax, BioFlame Hemp Wax Wick burns at a lower temperature, preserving the aroma and potency of your smoking materials. It's not only a tool but a part of the ritual, ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable smoking session in true style. Perfect for those who seek a pure and environmentally responsible way to light cigars, pipes, or tobaccos of any kind.

This German-made wick is versatile too, ideal for safely lighting gas ovens, fireplaces, incense sticks, and candles, especially in hard-to-reach spots. With 12 rolls included, each offering 420cm of wick, and 35 sample copies, BioFlame provides ample supply for both personal use and sharing the eco-friendly way. Make the switch to BioFlame Hemp Wax Wick for a sustainable, clean, and flavor-preserving lighting solution.

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