Black Leaf Maori Grinder Wood & Aluminium

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Embrace the blend of tradition and innovation with the Maori-inspired grinder, crafted for a superior, smooth grind. A statement of art and utility.

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Specifications of Black Leaf Maori Grinder

Black Leaf
  • Wood and Metal ,
  • Metal ,
  • Wood
63 mm
59 mm
  • 4
Mesh Screen
Magnetic Lid

Description of Black Leaf Maori Grinder

Crafted with a unique fusion of aluminum and wood, the Black Leaf Maori Al./Wooden Grinder 4-part stands out for its quality and design. This exquisite piece is not just a tool but a tribute to the rich Maori culture, adorned with an ethnic print that embodies the spirit of the Maori people and their artistic heritage. The grinder's exterior boasts finely worked wood, providing a tactile experience that's both luxurious and comfortable. The wooden surface is complemented by a cool brown and bronze color scheme, bringing an element of earthiness to its modern design.

The interior doesn't shy away from impressing with its functionality; it is engineered from anodized aluminum for durability. The grinder features diamond-cut teeth, sharp and robust, to ensure a fine grind every time. A nylon sliding ring is incorporated to minimize abrasion and to guarantee a smooth, effortless grinding motion.

This 4-part grinder is designed with a removable pollen screen which is held in place by a screw thread, allowing for straightforward emptying and cleaning. It comes with both a fine and a rough screen to cater to different preferences, ensuring that the precious pollen is collected efficiently. The rounded pollen chamber is specifically designed to make the collection of pollen dust an easy task with the included spatula.

Not only is this grinder a marvel of craftsmanship, but it also arrives in a bespoke gift box, making it an ideal present for both enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Whether it's for personal use or as a gift, the Black Leaf Maori Grinder is a statement piece that combines tradition with modernity, nature with engineering, and form with function. It's more than just a grinder; it's a small work of art that belongs in the collection of those who appreciate the finer things in life and the cultural narratives behind them.

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