Black Leaf Rolling Paper Filters

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Enhance your smoking experience with Black Leaf Rolling Paper Filters. Their perforated design ensures a smooth smoke flow, and their premium quality ensures durability and efficiency.

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Specifications of Black Leaf Rolling Paper Filters

Black Leaf
  • Organic
Tips Quantity
  • 40 pcs

Description of Black Leaf Rolling Paper Filters

In the realm of hand-rolled cigarettes, the Black Leaf Rolling Paper Filters stand out as a high-quality product that significantly improves the smoking experience. These filters, designed and manufactured in Germany, offer a refined smoke and elevate the quality of your handmade cigarettes.


  • The pack includes 40 perforated rolling paper filters
  • Size: 25 x 55 х 6 mm
  • Country: Germany
  • Brand: Black Leaf
  • The filters are made from perforated paper


  • The filters' perforation ensures optimal smoke flow, providing a seamless and unobstructed experience.
  • Made from premium perforated paper, these filters lend stability to your hand-rolled cigarettes, making them easier to handle and more enjoyable to use.

Concluding, the Black Leaf Rolling Paper Filters are an essential accessory for hand-rolled cigarette enthusiasts. Meticulously crafted for quality and convenience, they promise to provide a consistently smooth smoking experience.

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