Bong Cleaning Brush 29 cm

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Ensure the longevity of your smoking devices with our Bong Cleaning Brush 29 cm. It's 290mm long, with colourful bristles, designed for a thorough and effortless cleaning. Handy hook included for easy storage!

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Specifications of Bong Cleaning Brush 29 cm

Black Leaf
Bristle Diameter
2.5 cm
Bristle Length
14 cm
29 cm

Description of Bong Cleaning Brush 29 cm

We present to you our new Bong Cleaning Brush 29 cm - an essential tool for maintaining your smoking devices in the most effortless way possible.


  • Length: 290mm
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Materials: Colourful bristles, Stainless steel wire


  • Hook for hanging
  • Essential for caring for smoking devices

Equipped with a handy hook for hanging, this brush is always within reach and is easy to store after use. As a user of smoking devices, you understand the importance of regular cleaning for their longevity and optimum performance. This Bong Cleaning Brush is an essential tool that makes the process simpler, efficient, and satisfying. Stay in control of your routine maintenance and enjoy a clean, pure, and smooth smoking experience every time.

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