Brush for Cleaning Pipes and Bongs 54 cm

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Take control of your smoking accessory maintenance with our 54 cm Brush for Cleaning Pipes and Bongs. Long, narrow, and durable - ideal for ensuring clean and efficient use every time.

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Specifications of Brush for Cleaning Pipes and Bongs 54 cm

Black Leaf
Bristle Diameter
1.2 cm
Bristle Length
11 cm
54 cm

Description of Brush for Cleaning Pipes and Bongs 54 cm

Our Pipe and Bong Cleaning Brush, measuring 54 cm in length, has been designed to effectively clean your smoking accessories. With its specific features and advantages, this product proves to be an essential tool in the maintenance of your smoking items.


Length: 540 mm
Bristle Diameter: 12 mm
Made from durable steel wire


The long and narrow design allows it to reach the most hard-to-reach places in your pipes and bongs
Equipped with a convenient hook for easy storage
A necessary tool in maintaining your smoking products clean and functional

With this product, the process of maintaining your smoking accessories becomes easier and more efficient. It allows you to clean your pipes and bongs more thoroughly, ensuring they continue to function at their best. With this tool, you'll maintain the longevity of your smoking items and ensure they deliver optimal performance. Now, that's a good deal!

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