Choosypapers KS Slim Mandala

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Add a splash of psychedelic art to your sessions with Choosypapers Mandala. Ultra-thin for tasteful smokes, they're the canvas for your herbal expressions.

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Specifications of Choosypapers KS Slim Mandala

  • Rice
Paper Size
  • King Size Slim
Sheets Quantity
32 pcs
Tips Included
  • No Tips

Description of Choosypapers KS Slim Mandala

Choosypapers brings to you the "KS Slim Mandala," a vibrant addition to any smoking session. These king size slim papers are not just functional; they’re a statement. Immerse yourself in the psychedelic mandala print, designed to add a touch of introspective beauty to your smoking ritual. Crafted from ultra-thin rice paper, they ensure a pure, unadulterated experience, emphasizing the flavor of your smoke without any added aftertaste.

Perfect for the discerning smoker who values both aesthetics and quality, each 108x44mm paper burns evenly, offering you a consistent, reliable smoke every time. The stunning booklet design isn't just eye-catching; it's a conversation starter, ideal for gifting or celebrating that special occasion with your smoke buddy. With 32 leaves per booklet, Choosypapers ensures that your personal expression is as colorful and varied as the designs they offer.

Embrace the Choosypapers lifestyle with the "KS Slim Mandala," and let your smoking accessories reflect your personal flair. This isn't just smoking; it's an experience designed to be as individual as you are. "Smoke 'em all" with Choosypapers, and elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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