Cork Bowl for Bottles and Gravity Bongs

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Experience versatility and style with our Cork Bowl for Bottles! Crafted from cork wood and metal, it's durable, sleek, and seamlessly converts your bottle into a bong. Plus, easy cleaning with a removable oil collector.

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Specifications of Cork Bowl for Bottles and Gravity Bongs

  • Cork and Metal
Inner Diameter
17 mm
50 mm
16.5 g

Description of Cork Bowl for Bottles and Gravity Bongs

For those who seek a blend of aesthetic charm and efficiency, the Cork Bowl for Bottles and Gravity Bong M Size is a delightful choice. Crafted meticulously from cork wood and metal, it promises durability while exuding a stylish charm. The cork’s organic touch combined with the polished metal finish makes it not only an effective tool but also a piece of art in itself.

The product’s removable oil collector ensures that maintenance is hassle-free. But what truly sets it apart is its innovative ability to convert any bottle into a bong with ease. This feature adds versatility to your collection, making every session unique and enjoyable.

Its medium size offers the perfect balance – substantial enough for a fulfilling experience yet compact for ease of use. And while many equate quality with high prices, this cork bowl challenges that notion by offering top-tier functionality at an affordable rate.

In essence, our Cork Bowl provides a harmonious blend of design, adaptability, and value, making it a must-have for both novices and aficionados.

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