Hidr8 Ola Filter Blue: Superior Vaping with Water Filtration Technology

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Experience unmatched vaping with Hidr8 Ola Filter's smooth, water-cooled vapor. Customizable heat settings for herbs, waxes, or oils in a sleek, portable design.

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Specifications of Hidr8 Ola Filter Blue

Chamber material
Temperature Control
Fixed Settings
Battery Capacity
1600 mAh
Charging Type and Speed
Standard Charging (USB)
Device Port / Cable Connector
USB Type-C / USB Type-A
Casing Material
Suitable for Oils

Description of Hidr8 Ola Filter Blue

Embrace the fusion of innovation and efficiency with the Desktop Vaporizer Hidr8 Ola Filter Blue. This device is not just a vaporizer; it's a revolution in personal vaping experience, meticulously designed to cater to your herbs, waxes, and 510 cartridges. With the Hidr8 Ola Filter, you get the perfect blend of high-quality vapor production and user-friendly design.

Crafted with precision, the Hidr8 Ola Filter boasts a robust 1600mAh battery, providing you with extended sessions and consistent power. The versatility of the 510 threaded connection opens a gateway to a wide range of cartridges, ensuring compatibility and convenience. The adjustable voltage, with settings ranging from a gentle 2.5V to a potent 4.0V, offers you complete control over your vaping experience, while the water cool and water bubbler functions work synergistically to deliver cool, smooth hits every time.

Safety is paramount, and the auto-off feature ensures that your sessions are not just enjoyable but also secure. The device's portability is a testament to its thoughtful design, making it a perfect travel companion that fits effortlessly into your backpack or bag.

The Hidr8 Ola Filter is not only easy to use but also engages you in a unique "Fill It Up/ Tip It Back" session, creating a relaxed environment to enjoy your vapor at your own pace. The automatic filling and instant heat-up eliminate waiting time, and the high borosilicate glass ensures purity and durability of your vapor pathway.

All glassware is interchangeable, providing you with flexibility and ease of maintenance. Plus, a 1-year limited warranty backs your investment, giving you peace of mind.

This device's aesthetic and practicality do not compromise its functionality. It's a statement piece that invites you to share the joy of vaping with friends, introducing them to this novel method of enjoying herbs, waxes, and oils.

Included with your purchase is a full kit to ensure you have everything you need to get started:
- 1 OLA vaporizer;
- 1 OLA filtration glass;
- 1 Triple quartz coil atomizer;
- 1 Ceramic atomizer;
- 1 USB-C charger;
- 1 Poker;
- 1 Brusher;
- 5 Q-tips;
- 1 User manual.

Select the Desktop Vaporizer Hidr8 Ola Filter Blue for a seamless, enjoyable vaping journey, backed by quality, versatility, and a touch of elegance.

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