Efficient Dexso Oil Extractor for High-Quality Oil

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Unlock the power of your plants with the Dexso Oil Extractor by Black Leaf. This efficient and user-friendly device, made from high-grade anodized aluminum, produces high-quality oil in under five minutes. Perfect for home extraction enthusiasts

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Specifications of Dexso Oil Extractor

Black Leaf
  • Metal
Carb hole | Kick-hole
498 g

Description of Dexso Oil Extractor

Craft your finest essential oils effortlessly with the Dexso Oil Extractor by Black Leaf. This premium device transforms dried plants, flowers, herbs, and harvest leftovers into top-quality oil in less than five minutes. Made from high-grade anodized aluminum, it offers superior resistance to temperature, chemicals, and aging. The anodized A1203 crystal coating merges the benefits of metal extractors with the purity of glass, while maintaining the lightweight feel of aluminum.

Designed for efficiency and ease, this extractor processes up to 50g of material quickly and effectively. Its integrated collecting unit simplifies the extraction process, allowing for easy emptying and swift preparation for the next round. The stability provided by the three magnetically attached feet ensures your workspace remains safe and organized, freeing both hands for uninterrupted operation.

Please remember to place a heat-resistant glass drip tray between the feet during use to prevent damage to the rubber feet and ensure the freshly obtained extract doesn’t come into contact with silicone before cooling.

With the Dexso Oil Extractor, achieving the purest essential oils has never been simpler or more efficient.

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