G-Rollz Banksy Organic Hemp Rolling Papers: Art in Every Puff

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Enhance your smoking experience with G-Rollz organic hemp papers, featuring Banksy's art, tips, and tray for the discerning smoker

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Specifications of G-Rollz Papers Tips & Tray 50 pcs

  • Hemp
Paper Size
  • 1 ¼
Sheets Quantity
50 pcs
Tips Included
  • With Tips

Description of G-Rollz Papers Tips & Tray 50 pcs

Crafted with care in the heart of France, G-Rollz Banksy's Graffiti KS Organic Hemp Extra Thin Papers + Tips & Tray set brings a new level of refinement to your rolling experience. Made from premium organic hemp, these papers are the epitome of European quality, blending sustainability with the art of rolling.

Each booklet houses 50 king-sized leaves, meticulously pressed from organic hemp fibers, ensuring a slow, even burn for a serene smoking session. But it doesn't stop there; we've included 50 filter tips and a bamboo poker for precision packing, alongside a foldable tray for convenience. The real showstopper? Each paper is adorned with exclusive Banksy's Graffiti Artworks, turning each roll into a moving canvas of street art.

What sets these papers apart is not just their functionality but the attention to detail in every component. The natural gumline, derived from acacia tree sap, guarantees a secure seal without compromising the purity of your smoke. Furthermore, the authenticity of every booklet is safeguarded, with a unique QR code for verification, ensuring you're part of an exclusive circle of enthusiasts.

Choosing G-Rollz is more than just selecting a rolling paper; it's an ode to authenticity, creativity, and eco-consciousness. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine smokes or a lover of art, this set promises not just a product but an experience. Revel in the blend of culture and quality, where each roll is a tribute to the legacy of street art and the pure joy of a well-crafted smoke.

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