Gift Case Retro Bag

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The perfect gift for smokers! Gift Case Retro Bag - a stylish set with a metal grinder, a glass jar for storage, and organic hemp rolling papers. Enjoy smoking with comfort and style.

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Specifications of Gift Case Retro Bag

Mesh Screen
Magnetic Lid

Description of Gift Case Retro Bag

Introducing the perfect gift combination for yourself or your loved one - Gift Case Retro Bag! Let's take a closer look at this stylish design and convenient packaging, shall we?

The packaging is designed in the form of a solid black cylindrical plastic case. It features a leatherette substitute finish, and the contrasting white stitching adds an elegant touch to the cover. The case securely closes with a convenient metal clasp, ensuring safe storage of its contents.

The interior is lined with a thin black fabric material resembling velvet or velour, providing a pleasant tactile experience. With dimensions of 73mm in diameter and 140mm in length, this set is not only stylish but also convenient to carry around, making it a perfect accessory for smokers.

Now, let's explore the contents of the Gift Case Retro Bag!

The kit includes:

  • A graphite metal grinder with a magnetic lid, measuring 48 mm in diameter and 37 mm in height. It comes with a small scraper for collecting pollen and a mesh screen for sorting larger debris. The grinder features 4 sections, allowing you to store pollen separately for easy collection and storage of fine particles. The top of the grinder is adorned with a stylish image of an astronaut on the moon, while the bottom displays the inscription "CRUSHERS," adding a touch of uniqueness and originality.
  • A black jar for storing your smoking blend and various small items, measuring 53 mm in diameter and 63 mm in height. Made of dark glass, the jar comes with a plastic twist-on lid for secure closure.
  • Hemp rolling papers - Natural RUKIOO King Size Slim (2 packs included), each pack consisting of 33 sheets. These papers are made from organic hemp, providing an eco-friendly option for your smoking needs.

The Gift Case Retro Bag for smoking is a unique blend of style and functionality, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable smoking experience. Thanks to its high-quality materials, this set makes an excellent gift for yourself, your loved ones, or friends who appreciate both aesthetics and practicality.

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