Glass Bowl Black Leaf Large 18.8 mm

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Experience the pinnacle of German craftsmanship with the Glass Bowl Black Leaf Large 18.8. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, its unique cylindrical shape ensures more room for your blends. Paired with the brand's iconic green droplet and unmatched airflow, it's the accessory your collection needs.

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Specifications of Glass Bowl Black Leaf Large 18.8 mm

Black Leaf
  • Borosilicate Glass
Bowl Joint Size
Bowl Joint Type
  • Male
Built-in Mesh Screen

Description of Glass Bowl Black Leaf Large 18.8 mm

In the world of premium smoking accessories, the Glass Bowl Black Leaf Large 18.8 is a marvel of German craftsmanship. Born from the famed European brand Black Leaf, this bowl embodies quality and style, originating directly from Germany.

Crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass, it guarantees resilience, ensuring each session remains untainted. The material stands as a testament to the bowl's durability and clarity, promising consistent performance over the years.

The cylindrical design isn’t just for aesthetic appeal; it’s a thoughtful feature. It allows for a generous amount of dry blend, minimizing refills and maximizing satisfaction. Enhancing its charm is a signature green droplet on the rim, adding a touch of elegance, with the iconic Black Leaf logo further stamping its authenticity.

Its "turbo bucket" with a broad opening ensures optimal airflow, providing an unparalleled smoking experience, especially when paired with Black Leaf bongs.

Beyond its features, this bowl is a symbol of tradition and quality, encapsulating the legacy of the Black Leaf brand. Investing in this piece isn't just acquiring an accessory; it's embracing an ethos of European excellence.

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