Glass Bubbler Black Leaf with Turbine Disc

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Enhance your smoking ritual with Black Leaf's Glass Bubbler. Its turbine disc technology promises cool, filtered hits in a sleek, robust borosilicate design.

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Specifications of Black Leaf Bubbler Turbine Disc

Black Leaf
  • Borosilicate Glass
26 cm
Glass Thickness
  • 1.8 mm
  • Yes
Percolator Type
  • Tornadodisk
Basement Diameter
5 cm
Bong Joint Size
  • 14.5 mm
Bowl Joint Size
  • 14.5 mm
Carb hole | Kick-hole
Splash Guard
  • Straight

Description of Black Leaf Bubbler Turbine Disc

Harness the power of whirlwind filtration with the Glass Bubbler Black Leaf featuring a Turbine Disc. This premium piece stands at 26cm tall, with a base diameter of 50mm and a tube diameter of 18mm, making it the perfect size for comfortable use. The 14.5mm bowl joint size is standard for easy compatibility with various accessories.

Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, the bubbler is not only durable but also provides a clear, cool smoking experience thanks to its innovative Turbine Disc. With six strategically placed slits, this disc creates a vortex of water and air swirls, ensuring the smoke is thoroughly cooled and filtered for a smooth draw every time.

The Black Leaf logo is prominently displayed, adding a touch of class to the clear and blue glass construction. This bubbler isn't just functional; it's a piece of art. The practical grip on the herb bowl allows for easy handling, especially during the engaging pull-up action, a testament to the thoughtful design and high-quality craftsmanship of Black Leaf®.

Each Glass Bubbler Black Leaf with Turbine Disc arrives in a protective box, ready to be a standout addition to any collection. Offering both aesthetics and a top-notch smoking experience, this bubbler with its cool blue accents is sure to impress both visually and functionally.

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