How to take care of a bong?

May 16, 2023

Maintaining a clean bong is not just about better taste, but crucial for health reasons. Regular cleaning prevents harmful buildup, ensuring a safe and enjoyable smoking experience. In this article, "How to take care of your bong?" we'll guide you through the essentials: why it's important, what materials are needed, and how to clean and care for your bong effectively. Elevate your experience and safeguard your health by understanding and practicing proper bong hygiene.


When Is It Time to Clean Your Bong?

Recognizing the signs that your bong needs cleaning is the first step in maintaining its hygiene. Here are the indicators you need to watch out for:

- Unpleasant odor: If your bong emits a foul smell, it's time to clean it. This isn't just about ensuring a pleasant aroma during use, but it also indicates potential bacterial growth.

- Slimy film: The presence of a slimy film is a tell-tale sign of bacteria accumulation. This is not just unhygienic, but also harmful to your lungs.

- Resin buildup: A sticky, thin layer is a sign of resin accumulation. As more resin accumulates, the harder it becomes to clean. Regular cleaning can prevent this buildup, ensuring a smoother experience.

- Black or grey spots: These stains signal ash intrusion. If the ash's aftertaste isn't appealing to you, it's a clear sign that cleaning is due.

Paying attention to these signs will help you keep your bong in top-notch condition. Regular cleaning not only enhances your bong's lifespan but also guarantees a healthier and more enjoyable smoking experience.


How Can a Dirty Bong Hurt You?

Like any moist and damp environment, the standing water in a bong, akin to plumbing pipes, is prone to bacterial and fungal action. Ever noticed the pink film or black spots that show up in your shower or bathtub? That pink substance is mold, and some of the same types of mold can grow in your bong.

Fusarium is a common type of fungus that typically grows in damp places. It's the same pathogen that can devastate your plant. Fusarium is just one of many water-borne fungi that could potentially cause infections when inhaled.

Mold formations typically develop in percolators and places that are hardest to clean. They can vary in color and appearance, with the most common types including pink, green, black, gray, and white mold.

Therefore, in addition to cleaning your bong, it's important to change the water in it as frequently as possible to avoid the aforementioned issues.


Best Bong Cleaning Products.

Cleaning Solutions:

- ISOCLEAN 400ml Spray with tube: Empty your bong of any water or loose debris. Attach the included tube to the spray nozzle. Spray ISOCLEAN solution inside the bong, making sure to coat all areas. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

- Dr.Green Bio 150ml: Drain your bong and fill it with Dr.Green Bio solution. Let the solution sit in the bong for approximately 15-30 minutes (or as instructed on the package), ensuring that all surfaces are coated. Rinse thoroughly with warm water after the soak.

- Mr. Baboo Powdered Cleaner: Empty the bong and fill it with warm water. Add the appropriate amount of Mr. Baboo Powdered Cleaner (as per instructions on the package) and shake until the powder is dissolved. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Cleaning Tools:

- Silicone Plug for Bong Cleaning: These plugs are used to seal the openings of your bong while cleaning. Simply insert them into the necessary openings before adding your cleaning solution. This allows you to shake the bong during cleaning without any spills.

- Brushes: After applying your chosen cleaning solution, use your brushes to scrub away at any stubborn residue. The Set of 5 Tube Brushes or Bong Tube Cleaning Brush 28cm are perfect for reaching all areas of the bong. Remember to rinse thoroughly after scrubbing.


ISOCLEAN, beyond just being an excellent bong cleaner, can serve multiple household purposes. It's great for removing adhesives, sterilizing surfaces, and much more. Its high alcohol content provides a thorough cleanse and makes it a versatile solution for numerous cleaning tasks around the house.


How to Clean a Bong? (General Tips)

  • Use gloves to avoid skin contact with cleaning products and unpleasant plant residues in the bong.
  • In order to clean the collapsible parts of the bong well, use ziplocks. You can pour cleaning products into them and leave spare parts for a while.
  • Observe the holding time of the cleaning agent.
  • Shake all the parts of the bong well for a few minutes so that the mixture of funds goes over all surfaces.
  • Use cotton swabs or narrow brushes for hard-to-reach places. Also pay special attention to percolators, but work with them carefully, as they are fragile.
  • Rinse the bong well from cleaning agents.


Selecting suitable cleaning solutions and tools is key to bong care, impacting both its lifespan and your health. Safety is essential—always use cleaning products responsibly and rinse your bong thoroughly after. We'd love to hear your cleaning tips and experiences in the comments. Don't forget to check out our store for your bong care needs. Remember, a clean bong ensures a better, healthier experience. Happy cleaning!