Set of 5 Tube Brushes

In Stock: 8 pcs

Keep your tubes spotless with our Set of 5 Tube Brushes – lightweight, easy-to-use, and perfect for hard-to-reach areas!

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Specifications of Set of 5 Tube Brushes

Bristle Diameter
0.1-0.5 cm
Bristle Length
3 cm
10 cm

Description of Set of 5 Tube Brushes

Enjoy a friendly and easy-to-use set of 5 tube brushes designed to make tube cleaning a breeze, ensuring your tube always remains clean and well-maintained. The brushes are lightweight and come in various sizes to accommodate all your tube cleaning needs.


  • Lightweight, only 10 grams
  • 10 cm length for ease of use
  • Brush diameters range from 0.1 cm to 0.5 cm


  • Suitable for cleaning even the most hard-to-reach areas
  • Convenient loop for hanging the brushes to prevent loss
  • Keeps your tube clean and tidy at all times

Embrace the practicality and effectiveness of this Set of 5 Tube Brushes for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your tubes. With their user-friendly design, various brush diameters, and convenient hanging loop, these brushes will make sure your tube stays in top-notch condition.

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