Jware King-Size Unbleached Cones 110mm 12 pcs

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Indulge in a pure, unadulterated smoking experience with Jware King-Size Unbleached Cones. Made for the conscious consumer, they offer a clean, natural taste.

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Specifications of Jware King-Size Unbleached Cones 110mm 12 pcs

  • Unbleached Cellulose
Paper Size
  • King Size
Sheets Quantity
12 pcs
Tips Included
  • With Tips

Description of Jware King-Size Unbleached Cones 110mm 12 pcs

Offering a distinct approach to smoking, the Jware King-Size Unbleached Cones provide a convenient and enjoyable experience.


  • Brand: Jware
  • Weight: 23 grams
  • Material: Unbleached cellulose
  • Country of origin: Indonesia
  • Quantity: 12 pcs
  • Paper size: King-Size
  • Ultra-thin paper: 0.5 mm

Crafted in Indonesia, the Jware brand ensures a top-tier product. The king-size paper is unbleached cellulose, underlining its natural aspect. With a thickness of just 0.5 mm, the paper is ultra-thin, perfect for those seeking an unadulterated experience. The pack contains 12 pieces, ensuring you have enough to last.


  • Ecological paper free from chemicals
  • The thin paper allows for the full taste of the smoking mixture
  • Pre-rolled cones, just fill with your favourite smoking mixture

They are almost tasteless and burn almost without residue, ensuring that your smoking experience remains as natural and clean as possible.

In essence, the Jware King-Size Unbleached Cones are perfect for those who value both quality and eco-consciousness in their smoking experience. They combine the convenience of pre-rolled cones with the purity of unbleached, ultra-thin paper, providing an unparalleled smoking experience.

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