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Experience the Unbreakable Kirby Green Glow Bong by PieceMaker

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Upgrade your smoking experience with the unbreakable Kirby Green Glow Bong. Hex-TEK™ for cooler hits, food-grade silicone for safety and ease

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Specifications of Kirby Green Glow Bong by PieceMaker

  • Silicone
37.5 cm
  • No
Basement Diameter
11 cm
Tube Diameter
4,5 cm
Carb hole | Kick-hole
Downstem with Diffuser
  • Yes
Splash Guard
  • Beaker

Description of Kirby Green Glow Bong by PieceMaker

Embrace the essence of durability and convenience with the Kirby Green Glow Bong by PieceMaker, your next indispensable companion for every adventure, large or small. Crafted from premium food-grade silicone and reinforced with stainless steel, this bong stands at an impressive 375mm, promising not only an aesthetic appeal but also an unmatched resilience.

Featuring a thoughtfully included kickhole, the Kirby Green Glow Bong introduces a revolution in your smoking experience with its Hex-TEK™ high perc technology. Designed with precision, the hexagonally arranged holes create a vortex of air and water swirls, delivering a cooler, smoother, and delightfully less scratchy hit. This innovative design ensures your sessions are characterized by a pure, unadulterated blaze taste – free from the plastic aftertaste common in lesser alternatives.

Ease of use and maintenance is at the heart of the Kirby design. The detachable stainless steel bottom plate and spacious bowl screen facilitate a quick clean-up and offer flexibility for those who wish to customize their experience. The bowl's screen, sized at 19mm, easily accommodates SG 14 bowls, enhancing its utility. A secure cap allows for pre-packing, ensuring you're ready to go at a moment's notice, while an integrated lighter placeholder adds a touch of practicality, ensuring you're always prepared.

Beyond functionality, the Kirby Bong shines with its Green Glow silicone body – a vibrant, eye-catching feature that ensures it stands out in any collection. This piece is not just a tool; it's a statement. Its ergonomic mouthpiece and the innovative Mushroom-TEK™ anti-spill technology from PieceMaker™ further exemplify its user-centric design, promising an enjoyable, mess-free experience.

Whether you're navigating the urban jungle, exploring the great outdoors, or simply relaxing at home, the Kirby Green Glow Bong by PieceMaker is your go-to for a dependable, enjoyable, and stylish session. Leave behind the fragility and limitations of traditional bongs and step into the future with Kirby – where durability meets design in the most delightful way.

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