Metal Grinder Ganesha 40 mm

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Experience spirituality and efficiency in one tool with the Metal Grinder Ganesha. Expertly crafted, this black 4-part grinder not only ensures a fine consistency but brings a touch of artistry to your routine, thanks to the revered Ganesha imprint. Compact and equipped with a collection spatula, it promises an unmatched grinding session.

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Specifications of Grinder Ganesha 40 mm

  • Metal
40 mm
38 mm
  • 4
Mesh Screen
Magnetic Lid

Description of Grinder Ganesha 40 mm

The Metal Grinder Ganesha 40 mm is more than just a tool — it's an embodiment of functionality and artistic expression. Crafted with precision, this black metal grinder is not only efficient but also thoughtfully designed.

At the heart of its design is the depiction of Ganesha on the lid. Recognized widely as the deity of beginnings, the symbolism of Ganesha adds a touch of spirituality, making the grinding ritual more meaningful. Aesthetically pleasing and spiritually uplifting, this print ensures that the grinder is not only a tool but a piece of art.

Despite its artistic design, the grinder doesn't compromise on functionality. With a diameter of 40 mm and a height of 38 mm, it's compact yet spacious enough to cater to your grinding needs. Comprising four distinct parts, it's engineered to provide a consistently fine grind. As you twist and turn, the magic unfolds inside, ensuring every particle is uniformly crushed.

One of the thoughtful additions to this grinder is the tiny spatula. This proves invaluable in collecting those finer particles that would otherwise be wasted. Every bit of your herbs is treasured, and this spatula ensures you get the most out of your grind.

In conclusion, the Metal Grinder Ganesha is a harmonious blend of functionality and art. Its sleek black design adorned with the Ganesha print makes it a stand-out piece, while its structural features guarantee efficiency. Whether you're buying it for personal use or gifting it to someone, it's bound to leave an impression.

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