Metal Grinder Silver Ribs 63 mm

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Meet the Metal Grinder Silver Ribs, your ideal solution for perfect grinding. Enjoy the durability, classic style, and functionality packed in this all-metal grinder with a unique ribbed design.

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Specifications of Metal Grinder Silver Ribs 63 mm

  • Metal
63 mm
43 mm
  • 4
Mesh Screen
Magnetic Lid

Description of Metal Grinder Silver Ribs 63 mm

Experience the improved quality of grinding your smoking mixture with the Metal Grinder Silver Ribs!

First of all, pay attention to its ribbed design, which will significantly assist you in the product's operation. Firmly grasping the grinder with your hands, it will not slip out during rotary movements. However, remember an especially important factor affecting the device's operation: keep it clean, periodically clearing accumulated resins and oils to prevent the lid from jamming.

Secondly, notice the number of parts in the Metal Grinder Silver Ribs: the main chamber for grinding the mixture, a built-in mesh for sorting large debris, and a section for collecting and storing the fine fraction. You no longer need to worry about buying additional containers. A spatula is also included, which you can conveniently use to collect pollen.

Thirdly, the grinder has optimal dimensions: a diameter of 63 mm, and a height of 43 mm. Such a device can be used both at home and taken on a trip. It's not as scary to drop it, unlike acrylic or plastic analogs.

Let's discuss the key advantages of Metal Grinder Silver Ribs:

  • The silver color of the metal is elegant and does not hurt the eyes.
  • The ribs add a special charm, and also positively affect the functionality.
  • The diamond-shaped ribs are the sharpest, strongest, and most durable.
  • Magnetic lid.
  • Classic shape and nothing extra.
  • Sturdy body.

Metal Grinder Silver Ribs offers a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, designed for those who value durability, efficiency, and quality. This grinder not only performs its primary function but also does so with excellent style and longevity.

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