Black Leaf 18mm Stainless Steel Screens with Handle - Pack of 3

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Enhance your smoking experience with Black Leaf’s 18mm stainless steel screens. Featuring built-in handles, these screens make changing and cleaning effortless. Durable and perfectly sized, they keep your sessions smooth and enjoyable. Comes in a pack of 3 for convenience.

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Specifications of Metal Screens with Handle by Black Leaf 18mm

Black Leaf
18 mm
Screen Count
  • 3
  • Metal

Description of Metal Screens with Handle by Black Leaf 18mm

Enhance your smoking sessions with the Metal Screens with Handle by Black Leaf. These 18mm stainless steel screens, designed for glass bongs, offer a seamless and efficient experience. Engineered to fit most heads perfectly, these screens ensure you enjoy every puff without interruptions. The built-in handle allows for easy and clean changes, making maintenance a breeze.

Packaged in sets of three, these screens guarantee you're always prepared with a fresh one at hand. Crafted from robust stainless steel, they promise durability and longevity, standing up to frequent use and cleaning. Their European quality ensures a high standard of performance, making them a reliable choice for any smoker.

Ideal for those who value cleanliness and convenience, these screens prevent residue build-up, keeping your bong in top shape. Their simple yet effective design enhances airflow, resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable smoke. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the scene, these screens offer a practical solution to elevate your experience.

Incorporate these Metal Screens with Handle by Black Leaf into your routine for a hassle-free and cleaner smoking session. With their perfect fit, high quality, and easy maintenance, they are a must-have accessory for any glass bong enthusiast.

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