MNML Black Precooler for Bongs 14.5 mm

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Boost your bong experience with the sleek MNML Black Precooler (14.5 mm)! Get smoother, cooler smoke & enhanced filtration with its 4-arm tree percolator. Elevate your sessions with this essential upgrade!

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Specifications of MNML Black Precooler for Bongs 14.5 mm

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Yes
Percolator Type
  • Tree
Bong Joint Size
  • 14.5 mm
Bowl Joint Size
  • 14.5 mm

Description of MNML Black Precooler for Bongs 14.5 mm

Upgrade your bong that doesn't have a percolator with this high-quality and stylish MNML black precooler. This accessory will make your smoking experience more comfortable and enjoyable, providing optimal cooling and smoke filtration.


  1. Effective percolator: The 4-arm tree percolator evenly distributes the smoke, ensuring perfect cooling and filtration.
  2. Quality glass: The 4 mm glass thickness guarantees durability and sturdiness.
  3. Ease of use: The 45-degree angled connector ensures the ideal placement of the precooler on your bong.
  4. Compatibility: The 14.5 mm external and internal diameters provide versatility, making the precooler compatible with most bongs on the market.
  5. Minimalist design: The black color and clean lines will give your bong a modern and elegant look.


  • Connection angle: 45 degrees
  • External diameter for the bucket: 14.5 mm
  • Internal diameter: 14.5 mm
  • Percolator: 4-arm tree
  • Glass thickness: 4 mm
  • Diameter: 45 mm
  • Brand: MNML

Don't miss the chance to enhance your bong with this fantastic accessory from MNML. Order the precooler today and enjoy cleaner and cooler smoke!

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