Monkey King Smellpack Pink KSS Paper with Bubblegum-Scented Filters

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Add a playful twist to your rolling rituals with Monkey King Smellpack Pink KSS Papers. Enjoy natural fiber paper, unbleached purity, and a delightful bubblegum scent for a slow-burning, aromatic experience. Perfect for a quality smoke with a fun flair

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Specifications of Smellpack Pink KSS Paper

  • Organic
Paper Size
  • King Size Slim
Sheets Quantity
32 pcs
Tips Included
  • With Tips

Description of Smellpack Pink KSS Paper

Transform your rolling experience with the Monkey King Smellpack Pink KSS Paper + Filter. Crafted from natural fiber paper, these King Size Slim papers are perfect for those who value quality and a touch of fun in their rolling rituals. Each pack includes 32 papers and 32 pink filters, ensuring you're always ready to roll.

The vibrant pink display box isn't just eye-catching; it also promises an aromatic journey with every use. The filters are imbued with a delightful bubblegum scent, adding a playful twist to your smoking sessions. Made from unbleached, extra-fine material, these rolling papers are designed to burn slowly and evenly, letting you savor every moment.

Why choose Monkey King Smellpack Pink KSS Paper? Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Natural Fiber Paper: Experience a cleaner, more natural smoke.
  • King Size Slim: Perfectly sized for those who prefer a larger roll.
  • Bubblegum Scented Filters: Enjoy a nostalgic, mouth-watering aroma with every puff.
  • Unbleached Paper: No harsh chemicals, just pure enjoyment.
  • Slow-Burning: Designed to enhance your smoking experience with a slower burn rate.

Elevate your rolling game with Monkey King’s fun, high-quality rolling papers that bring a burst of bubblegum joy to every session.

This combination of professional quality and playful design makes the Monkey King Smellpack Pink KSS Paper + Filter a must-have for any enthusiast.

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