OCB Bamboo Papers KS Slim unbleached

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Savor your smoke with OCB Bamboo Papers KS Slim, the eco-conscious choice for a clean, even burn. Unbleached and vegan, these King Size papers embody purity.

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Specifications of OCB Bamboo Papers

  • Bamboo
Paper Size
  • King Size Slim
Sheets Quantity
32 pcs
Tips Included
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Description of OCB Bamboo Papers

Embrace the natural essence of rolling with OCB Bamboo Papers KS Slim unbleached. These King Size (110mm) papers are tailored for enthusiasts seeking a pure and slow-burning experience. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, OCB® commits to ecological responsibility, offering you a product that's not only kind to your herbs but also to the planet.

The commitment to sustainability doesn't end with the bamboo fibers; each pack of these vegan, GMO-free papers is encased in recycled packaging, printed with vegetable-based inks, ensuring that your smoking session leaves as little impact on the environment as possible. With no dyes to alter the natural composition, you can trust that each roll preserves the unadulterated flavor of your blend.

These unbleached papers epitomize the art of rolling in its most organic form. Perfect for the discerning smoker who prioritizes quality and purity, OCB Bamboo Papers present a slow burn, allowing you to savor each moment without rush. Whether it's a peaceful solo session or a shared experience with friends, these papers are designed to complement the ritual, providing a consistent burn that respects the natural rhythm of your enjoyment.

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