Black Leaf Silly Silicone Balls – Secure Your Concentrates

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Keep your concentrates fresh and pure with Black Leaf's Silly Silicone Balls. Durable, heat-resistant, and user-friendly – perfect for safeguarding your flavors

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Specifications of Oil Black Leaf Silly Silicone Balls

Black Leaf
  • Silicone
Carb hole | Kick-hole

Description of Oil Black Leaf Silly Silicone Balls

Unlock the full potential of your concentrates with Oil Black Leaf Silly Silicone Balls, the perfect storage solution. Designed from food-grade silicone, these colorful spheres are a staple for any concentrate enthusiast.

Why settle for Oil Black Leaf Silly Silicone Balls? For starters, the food-grade silicone material ensures that every bit of your concentrate is utilized efficiently, leaving no waste behind. It's all about getting the most out of your products.

Not only are they practical, but these silicone balls are also built to last. They can take the heat, literally. These storage champions are heat resistant, making them a durable companion for your high-temperature needs.

But the convenience doesn't stop there:

  • Cleaning is a breeze, as they are dishwasher safe.
  • Their 38mm diameter makes them the perfect size to carry around or store at home.

European quality shines through in the design and resilience of these storage balls, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction with every use.

In short, the Oil Black Leaf Silly Silicone Balls are more than just a container; they're a smart, hygienic, and colorful way to keep your concentrates safe and sound. Let the good times roll with these little guardians of goodness.

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