Original RAW Black Paper King Size Slim – Pure Smoking Experience

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Elevate your smoking sessions with Original RAW Black Paper. Experience the unmatched purity of organic hemp, ultra-thin for true flavor preservation, in a convenient King Size Slim

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Specifications of Original RAW Black Paper 110x44mm

  • Hemp
Paper Size
  • King Size Slim
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32 pcs

Description of Original RAW Black Paper 110x44mm

Embrace the purest smoking experience with Original RAW Black Paper, the pinnacle of rolling papers for the discerning smoker. Crafted from organic hemp, these king size slim papers, measuring 110x44mm, are designed for those who value quality and authenticity in every puff.

RAW® has long been a cult favorite for its commitment to natural, unbleached products, and the 'Black' edition is no exception. These papers are twice pressed and extra fine, making them the thinnest organic hemp papers in RAW's range. This attention to detail ensures a slow, even burn every time, enhancing your smoking experience.

Why choose Original RAW Black Paper? Here's what sets them apart:

  • Made from high-quality organic hemp, ensuring a clean and natural smoke.
  • The ultra-thin design preserves the natural taste, letting you enjoy the unadulterated flavor of your herbs.
  • Slow and even burning, providing a consistent and satisfying experience.
  • King size slim format, perfect for those who prefer a longer, leisurely smoke.

In summary, Original RAW Black Paper is more than just rolling paper; it's a statement of sophistication and purity. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or a curious newbie, these papers are sure to elevate your smoking ritual.

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