Pocket Scale MT Series 0.01 - 200g

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Experience precision with the portable Pocket Scale MT Series! Suitable for measures between 0.01 - 200g. Perfectly pocket-sized with a tare function and auto-shutoff.

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Specifications of Pocket Scale MT Series 0.01 - 200g

0.01 g
Auto-Off After
180 sec
2 х AAA
Batteries Included
Measuring Range
0.01-200 g
Platform Size
4 x 5.1 mm
85 x 45 x 19 mm
Tare Function
50 g

Description of Pocket Scale MT Series 0.01 - 200g

Introducing our new Pocket Scale MT Series 0.01 - 200 gr - the ideal solution for those who appreciate precision and portability. These durable yet compact scales offer a measurement range from 0.01 to 200 g, allowing you to easily weigh anything with high precision.

One of the features of these scales is the tare function, which allows you to display the net weight. This allows you to conveniently measure only what you need, without the need to subtract the weight of the container.

The scales operate on two AAA batteries, making them convenient and easily portable. The platform dimensions are 40 x 51 mm, and the scales dimensions are just 85 x 45 x 19 mm, making them ideal no matter where you are.

The auto-off function after 180 seconds prevents unnecessary battery use, ensuring longer device operation.

This is a convenient portable option, perfectly suited for various tasks requiring precision and mobility. Thanks to the wide measurement range, these scales are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Try our new Pocket Scale MT Series 0.01 - 200 gr and feel how much they can simplify your everyday tasks.


  • The portable design easily fits into your pocket or bag.
  • Wide range of measurement.

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