Secure Your Bong in Style with Our Silicone Pad

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Ensure your bong's safety with this durable, non-slip silicone pad. Perfect size for any bong, easy to clean, and built to last.

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Specifications of Silicone pad underlay

1 pcs
250 mm
  • Silicone

Description of Silicone pad underlay

Safeguard your bong in style with the DUD Shishas Large Silicone Pad, your ultimate companion for a chill session. Made from high-quality silicone, this 250mm diameter pad is the perfect base for your bong, ensuring it stays secure and slip-free on any surface. Whether it's the gentle buzz of conversation or the beat of your favorite tune, vibrations won't threaten your bong's stability anymore.

Why Choose the DUD Shishas Silicone Pad?

  • Durability: Crafted from resilient silicone, this pad withstands the test of time, making it a reliable addition to your setup.
  • Size Matters: At a generous 250mm, it accommodates bongs of various shapes and sizes, providing ample protection.
  • Non-Slip Assurance: Engineered to grip surfaces securely, the fear of accidental slips or slides is now a thing of the past.
  • Easy to Clean: Spills? No worries. A quick rinse under the tap and it's as good as new, ready for your next session.

This isn't just a pad; it's a statement of care for your gear and a nod to your savvy choice. Perfect for the enthusiast who appreciates both functionality and style, the DUD Shishas Silicone Pad is more than an accessory—it's an essential. Keep your bong safe, stable, and stylish. Because your peace of mind matters as much as your pleasure.

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