Slim Pre-Rolled Tips by RAW

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Enjoy an authentic smoking journey with RAW's Slim Pre-rolled Tips. Crafted from natural, chemical-free materials, these Spanish-made tips redefine clean and sustainable smoking.

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Specifications of Slim Pre-Rolled Tips by RAW

  • Hemp
Tips Quantity
  • 21 pcs

Description of Slim Pre-Rolled Tips by RAW

Setting new standards in the market of rolling accessories, the Slim Pre-rolled Tips by RAW are here to revolutionize your smoking experience. A product of unmatched craftsmanship from the famous Spanish brand RAW, these pre-rolled tips are designed to facilitate a natural and clean smoking experience, reflecting the company's commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious production.


  • Manufacturer: RAW
  • Country: Spain
  • Quantity: 21
  • Material: Hemp


  • Ecologically clean and natural materials without chemicals
  • A famous Spanish brand

Ensuring there are no chemicals in your smoke, these tips make the cut as your preferred choice. They are the epitome of what RAW stands for – a clean, natural, and sustainable way to smoke. If you're a smoker who values these qualities, this product from RAW, a trusted and renowned Spanish brand, is the right choice for you. Give yourself the gift of an authentic and clean smoking experience with Slim Pre-rolled Tips by RAW.

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