Solopipe Smoke Device Self-Igniting Pipe

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Experience the ease of the self-igniting Solopipe. Compact, stylish, with adjustable flame control, a refillable butane valve, and a neat tobacco chamber, it's the epitome of functionality, comfort, and style.

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Specifications of Solopipe Smoke Device Self-Igniting Pipe

With Diffuser
8.9 cm
  • Metal
Carb hole | Kick-hole
231 g

Description of Solopipe Smoke Device Self-Igniting Pipe

The self-igniting Solopipe is a unique and practical innovation for smokers. Silver color, stylish design and excellent workmanship make it an ideal choice for personal use or as a gift. Each Solopipe features a refillable valve that is compatible with standard refillable butane lighters for durability. The Solopipe comes with a cleaning kit including 3 meshes, a cleaning brush, making it the perfect companion for any user.


  •      Width: 3.8 cm
  •      Length: 8.9 cm
  •      Height: 1.9 cm
  •      Weight: 231 gr
  •      Brand: Solopipe
  •      Color: Silver
  •      Comes with a carrying case and cleaning materials


  •      Self-igniting
  •      Easily open the smoking chamber and close it after use, preventing tobacco from spilling out
  •      Refillable gas valve (butane)
  •      Adjustable flame control

Solopipe Self-Igniting Pipe is not just a smoking accessory, it is a combination of functionality, comfort and style. This is something more than a regular tube, it is a new level of quality and convenience.

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