Thin Smoking Pipe Wood and Stone 14 cm

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Revel in the ultimate tobacco flavor with our Thin Smoking Pipe. Skillfully crafted from stone, wood, and metal for a unique, portable smoking experience.

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Specifications of Thin Smoking Pipe Wood and Stone 14 cm

With Diffuser
14 cm
  • Combi
Carb hole | Kick-hole

Description of Thin Smoking Pipe Wood and Stone 14 cm

Embrace the elegant craftsmanship of our Thin Smoking Pipe, constructed from fine materials including wood, stone, and metal. Its 14 cm length and strategic design promise both usability and portability, allowing you to appreciate the full essence of your chosen tobacco anytime, anywhere.


  • Length: 14 cm
  • Materials: Stone, Wood, Metal


  • Convenient and Compact
  • Stone bowl ideally reveals the taste of tobacco

In addition to its high usability, the thin smoking pipe brings to the fore a new level of tobacco taste appreciation. The stone bowl incorporated into the design ideally reveals the complex flavors of your tobacco, offering a unique smoking experience. In the world of fine tobacco, the tools used are almost as important as the tobacco itself. With our Thin Smoking Pipe, you get a blend of style, convenience, and optimized flavor.

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