Experience Peak Vaping with X-Vape X-Max Daboo Concentrate Vaporizer

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Unleash the full potential of your concentrates with X-Vape X-Max Daboo. Quick heat-up, customizable settings, and sleek design for the ultimate vaping experience

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Specifications of X-Vape X-Max Daboo Concentrate Vaporizer

Chamber material
Heating Type
Heating Temperature
285-360 °C
Temperature Control
Digital Display
Heating Time
Up to 15 Seconds
Chamber Capacity
Small (up to 0.2 g)
Battery Capacity
650 mAh
Battery Life
Up to 1 Hour
Charging Type and Speed
Fast Charging (USB Type-C)
Device Port / Cable Connector
USB Type-C / USB Type-A
Casing Material
Anodized Aluminum
Suitable for Oils
231 g

Description of X-Vape X-Max Daboo Concentrate Vaporizer

Explore the seamless experience offered by the X-Vape X-Max Daboo Concentrate Vaporizer Black, a game-changer in the world of vaporization. Designed with the modern connoisseur in mind, this device stands out not just for its sleek, built-in bubbler design but for its unparalleled functionality tailored to elevate your concentrate usage.

Crafted with a quartz heating element, the X-Max Daboo ensures purity and consistency in every draw. Experience rapid heat-up times that cater to your impromptu sessions, offering a 10-second draw activated mode for quick hits and a 20-second on-demand mode for those who prefer a leisurely pace. The inclusion of three voltage settings (285℃/545℉, 320℃/608℉, 360℃/680℉) allows for precise control over your vaporization experience, making every session uniquely yours.

The color-coded power indicator (Green, White, Red) not only adds a visual flair but makes operating the device straightforward, ensuring you're always in tune with your vape's status. Coupled with the convenience of a Type-C USB charge, your vaping sessions are never halted for long. Its compact dimensions (166.5 x 38.5 x 22 mm) mean the X-Max Daboo is as portable as it is powerful, ready to join you wherever your adventures might lead.

Each package comes complete with everything you need to get started: the Daboo Vaporizer itself, essential O-rings for maintenance, a USB-C charging cable, and a comprehensive user manual.

Embrace the blend of European quality and innovative design with the X-Vape X-Max Daboo Concentrate Vaporizer Black. Whether you're a retailer looking to stock your shelves with a high-demand product or an enthusiast seeking the next level in concentrate vaporization, the X-Max Daboo is your go-to choice for a cleaner, smoother, and more customizable vaping experience.

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