Ziplocks Black Leaf 40x60 mm 100 pcs

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Experience German precision with Black Leaf Ziplocks. Perfect 40x60 mm size, durable 50 micrometer thickness, and a stylish CBD molecule design. Secure, stylish storage in a pack of 100.

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Specifications of Ziplocks Black Leaf 40x60 mm 100 pcs

Black Leaf
100 pcs
40 x 60 mm

Description of Ziplocks Black Leaf 40x60 mm 100 pcs

Black Leaf, a renowned brand from Germany, presents its latest offering – the Ziplocks Black Leaf 40x60 mm, available in a pack of 100 pieces. Renowned for the perfect blend of quality and style, these ziplocks aren't your regular storage pouches.

The first thing to note is the impeccable craftsmanship that's evident from the very first touch. Measuring 40 mm x 60 mm, these bags are the ideal size for various small storage needs, whether it's for daily usage or special occasions. Moreover, with a thickness of 50 micrometers, these ziplocks strike the right balance between durability and flexibility. Their build ensures that they are robust enough to protect the contents while being pliable for convenient usage.

Originating from Germany, these ziplocks stand testament to the European quality standards. Such is the meticulous attention to detail, that even the dimensions, 4 cm x 6 cm, are perfectly aligned for optimum utility. The trust of the Black Leaf brand, paired with German precision, ensures that every ziplock bag you get is of premium quality.

But what truly sets these ziplocks apart is the unique design. On the exterior, they sport a quirky CBD molecule illustration. This design not only adds a dash of style but also subtly echoes the rich heritage of Black Leaf in the European market. Such detailing ensures that while the bags serve their primary functional purpose, they don't miss out on making a style statement.

Moreover, every purchase equips you with a hundred of these exquisite ziplocks. It's not merely a product; it's an experience of German quality, aesthetics, and functionality, all bundled together.

In the world of storage solutions, where the multitude of options can often lead to confusion, the Ziplocks Black Leaf 40x60 mm makes the choice simple and obvious. Here's a product that doesn't compromise on quality or style, a true embodiment of what the Black Leaf brand represents. Choose Black Leaf, choose unparalleled quality.

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