Ziplocks White Skull 35x35 mm 100 pcs

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Stand out with the Ziplocks White Skull! Secure 1-2 grams of dry mix in stylish black bags adorned with an eye-catching white triple skull. Pack of 100 for lasting utility.

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Specifications of Ziplocks White Skull 35x35 mm 100 pcs

100 pcs
35 х 35 mm

Description of Ziplocks White Skull 35x35 mm 100 pcs

Meet the Ziplocks White Skull 100 pcs - designed for those who value both functionality and style.

In a market where most storage bags are plain, the Ziplocks White Skull stands out with its unique design. Each 35x35 mm black bag prominently features a distinctive white triple skull pattern across its surface, making it an immediate conversation starter.

Functionality? Check. With 100 pieces packed together, you won’t be running out of storage options anytime soon. Each bag is sized perfectly to hold 1-2 grams of a dry mix. Whether it's a special blend of tea, spices, or any other small items you wish to store, these bags are up to the task. The convenient and secure closure ensures the contents remain safe and fresh.

While aesthetics make it memorable, it's the practicality that ensures the Ziplocks White Skull will become a staple in your storage collection. Reliable, stylish, and efficient, these bags offer a fresh take on everyday storage. Whether for personal use or as a gift to someone who appreciates quirky designs, the Ziplocks White Skull is a perfect choice.

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