Blaze Glass Sphinx Beaker Bong with Ice-Catcher 7mm

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Embrace the chill of the ancients with the BLAZE Sphinx Bong. Sandblasted hieroglyphs and sturdy glass offer an unparalleled smoking experience.

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Specifications of BLAZE Sphinx

  • Borosilicate Glass
37 cm
Glass Thickness
  • 7 mm
  • No
Basement Diameter
12,5 cm
Tube Diameter
5 cm
Mouthpiece Diameter
6 cm
Downstem Length
15 cm
Bong Joint Size
  • 18.8 mm
Bowl Joint Size
  • 14.5 mm
Carb hole | Kick-hole
Downstem Type
  • Steck
Downstem with Diffuser
  • Yes
Splash Guard
  • Beaker
1280 g

Description of BLAZE Sphinx

Embark on a journey through antiquity with the BLAZE Sphinx Beaker Bong with Ice-Catcher, where craftsmanship meets legacy. This bong, standing at 37 centimeters tall, is a robust companion for your sessions, boasting a base diameter of 12.5 centimeters and a tube diameter of 5 centimeters. The 7mm thick borosilicate glass is a marvel, showcasing the durability and quality German engineering is known for.

As light dances upon its surface, the bong reveals an iridescent play of colors, reminiscent of ancient treasures. The sandblasted hieroglyphs and the iconic Sphinx image that encircle the shaft bring a touch of the mysterious Egyptian era right to your fingertips.

The slit diffuser chillum plug-in system is the cornerstone of its design, ensuring that each draw is intensely filtered and cooled. The bong’s spacious ice chamber, designed to be filled with ice cubes, serves as the proverbial 'breath of the Sphinx', providing a refreshingly cool hit.

The green and rainbow hues at the bowl's joint are vibrant, contrasting beautifully with the purity of the ice-catcher just above. And at the heart of the base lies a sandblasted, clear motif of a cobra, standing guard like the protectors of pharaohs past.

This piece is more than a smoking apparatus; it’s a slice of history, expertly crafted to elevate your smoking ritual to an art form. It’s a piece that does not just blend into your collection but stands out with its storied patterns and robust build. The BLAZE Sphinx Beaker Bong is not just a purchase; it's an investment in a piece that withstands the sands of time.

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